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Gollum's Exhibition

Celestial Kristi

Annuit Coeptis By AI

OtherGate to OtherSide

Atlantic's Core Rehoboam


Picture of Peace

Galaxy Flower Gate

Tattoo Mix

Klimt Kandinsky

Angels in Earth


Kong's Love

Carpe Ti Me

Silhouette of the Butterfly Ballet


Satishi Lovelans' Pendant

Satishi's Tiara

Electric Guitarist

Picasso Cats Eats Cookies

Astronaut's Story

Break the Rules, Now!

Bitcoin Om Mantra

Minimalist Butterflies

Red Fighter Girl

AWMS Observation Room

Pablo's Cubes

Bitcoin Grows
on Trees

Amber Hearth

Hearts Doesn't Beat Alone

Unstoppable Time

Mystical Masks Profile NFTs

Colorful Cool Skull

Happiness Ship

Aliens' Wormhole Maker Starship

Gold of Throne

Abstract NFT Expressionism

Dead Ape Gate Club

Jeweler Dali

Black Red Rose

Satishi Lovelans' Necklaces

Romantic Mutant Robots

Tree of Brain

Skull Of Alien

Glamorous Ai Dress

Hap Flower

Lonely Alien Plant

Nuclear Jellyfish
in the Jar

Purple n Yellow Spring

Satishi Lovelans's

Organic Waves

Ocean Scented Loves

Ai Dragons Dream

Whale Swan

Sea of Hell

Behind the Mask

Alien Dynamics

Pollock Dimensions

Do Something!
Life Is Burning!

Squares like Riopelle

Infiltrate X Chinese Dragon

About US

The extraordinary name of the art world, Salvador Dali, went beyond reality and drew surrealist works. Dali was also keen on scientific and technological developments. It can even be claimed that the image of melting time in the painting "The Persistence of Memory" (1931) was influenced by Einstein's theory of relativity. Watson and Crick's discovery of the helical structure of DNA was featured directly in the "Butterfly Landscape" (1957).

For years it was said that "okay, much faster than humans, but computers can't make art". But nowadays, artificial intelligence can produce works that look like they came out of Rembrandt's brush. It even produces hyper-realistic photos with GAN and derivative algorithms, where people cannot distinguish whether they are real or not.
On the other hand, Bitcoin and BlockChain technologies are advancing rapidly, with the potential to change human economic history. And NFTs created with smart contracts registered on BlockChain with the unique signature of the owner have already started to change the history of art.

We are passionately committed to today's revolutionary developments such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, NFT. With the inspiration we get from Salvador Dali, we produce NFT works using Artificial Intelligence focused on Surrealist Art.


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There has been an ongoing discussion of artificial intelligence since almost the first invention of computers.


However, as we approach the present day, artificial intelligence has gone far beyond defeating famous chess players like Kasparov.

As "Dali Ai Art", going beyond the question of "What is Art?", We want to be a part of the "Can Artificial Intelligence Make Art? discussion".

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Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Martin Richards, Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Ian Goodfellow